Medronho with honey and lemon

When I think of the Algarve I think of Medronho.

Drinking Medronho makes me happy - or should that be merry?

Drinking Medronho makes me happy – or should that be merry?

Medronho is probably the most popular digestive in the Algarve and is extremely strong. In fact, some of the homemade brews are so strong they not only burn your throat, and set your eyeballs on fire, but you can feel the medronho travelling all the way down to your stomach. Hence why it’s nicknamed firewater. I’m not a fan personally, but I do love the Monte da Lameira medronho which is made in the Monchique area of the Algarve. It’s smoother than the traditional firewater and tastes delicious. So delicious I polished off several glasses in one hit! Needless to say, I slept well that night. Mr Piglet prefers the “straight” medronho and calls it a man’s drink!

Medronho Monte da Lameira

Medronho Monte da Lameira


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3 Responses to Medronho with honey and lemon

  1. Rui says:

    If you can feel it “travelling all the way down to your stomach.”, then it is not very good. You should feel it in your stomach, a warm feeling in it.
    And Mr. Piglet is right, you should drink it straight.
    Rui from Lisbon and currently in Molde, Norway.

    • Hi Rui, that’s probably wy I don’t like it. The moonshine medrohnho is like paint stripper!
      What do you think of Norway?

      • Rui says:

        It is well worth a visit. I’m working in a town near the fjords and the view from my office is out of this world.
        The moonshine medronho is good if done properly. That’s the one I usually drink, not the stuff in supermarkets. But you have to know where to get it.
        You should try fig or pear aguardente, it’s smoother.

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