European Tree Frog in Portugal

The theme for this week’s post over at Jake’s Sunday post is “Close-up”

We sat quietly reading our books when a loud croaking noise broke the silence…almost like a loud belch

“What on earth is that?” I asked looking accusingly at Mr. Piglet.


“There it is again!”

I immediately lifted my feet off the floor in terror. Whatever it was could well bite! I looked tentatively under the table, but nothing.


This time I pinpointed the sound and spotted this tiny critter, which I later discovered was a European Tree Frog, hiding in the shutter.

Mr. Piglet was immediately despatched to get the pool net as there was no way on earth it was remaining there. Once caught, we let it go on some scrubland.

European Tree Frog in Portugal

European Tree Frog in Portugal

Cute, ain’t he?

About Piglet in Portugal

I enjoy blogging, poetry, gardening, photography, mosaics, writing and, with a name like! I love connecting with people all over the world, so please stop by and say "hi"
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2 Responses to European Tree Frog in Portugal

  1. Jo Bryant says:

    Now he is cute…how could he frighten you ???

    • Hi JO,
      Yes, he is cute, but what a racket he made for such a little critter! I was not frightened of him once we discovered the source of the noise it was more that they can jump an awful long way and it might go in the house. However, I am still a wimp. 🙂

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