Something a little different!

A sidestreet in Lagos, Western Algarve

A sidestreet in Lagos, Western Algarve

Playing with photoshop!

Now paint it!

Now paint it!

About Piglet in Portugal

I enjoy blogging, poetry, gardening, photography, mosaics, writing and, with a name like! I love connecting with people all over the world, so please stop by and say "hi"
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4 Responses to Something a little different!

  1. chiptheduck says:

    I told you that you were clever with a camera and you denied it!!!!

    You have to tell me how you did this!

    • He he he…I forgot to add the original photograph. I shopped this picture some time ago now, so I would need to experiment, but it’s quite useful if you would like to paint and cant draw!

  2. chiptheduck says:

    Brilliant idea! I love playing with watercolours but am hopeless at drawing.

    Remember when you were at school and you had to trace maps of South America? We used tracing paper, copied the outline in soft pencil on the back, then rubbed it over like a brass rubbing on top of a sheet of white paper to get the original image – the thick kids had a back to front South America 🙂

    Well I still do this, tracing over photographs. I need to experiment. I only have the cut down version of Photoshop (Elements) but I’ll bet it can bleed out the colour as you have done.

    More things to do on cold winter nights!!

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